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About VVV

VVV's principal business is forming elite consulting teams to address research problems and design new integrated solutions. We can also provide related development services and create joint intellectual property. Our flexible staff of professional consultants with vast academic and industry experience allows us to apply the highest levels of expertise to specific projects as required. Our team of outstanding consultants is complemented with a team of professional developers who adhere to established industry standards and are experts in various areas of advanced technologies.

We are able to present innovative solutions to challenging scientific and technical problems through a dedicated consulting process that involves requirements analysis and the research and development of solutions. When appropriate, we are also able to engage trusted business partners to complement our research and development capabilities and to provide end-to-end solutions.

VVV will consult, research, design, prototype and manage the development of advanced science and technology solutions for our customers, exclusively one problem at a time. We provide dedicated, specialized attention to an organization and work with that organization as part of their team, giving full attention to the problem at hand. Rather than focus on one technology offering, we focus on one customer problem and apply all our technical and scientific resources to produce one-of-kind solutions for our customers.


  • Technical and cultural needs assessment
  • State-of-the-art analysis and best practices reports
  • Development of RFP's or proposals
  • Analysis of prospective vendors and solution providers
  • Identification of appropriate communities of practice
  • Oversight of SDB-8(a) development teams
  • Architecture and design preparation or evaluation
  • Deployment of taxonomies and policies for decision support
  • Customized deployment plans or evaluation of plans
  • Project management and quality assurance
  • Project support through publications and speaking engagements


VVV is currently engaged in three major R&D initiatives:

  1. KnowledgeStation® dedicated, collaborative points of contact for various communities of practice.
  2. Applications of t-learning and t-commerce.
  3. Broadcast-only distributed applications of interactive rich media, including real-time delivery options.
Components integrated into these projects include:
  • e-commerce
  • content management
  • knowledge discovery
  • integrated collaboration
  • policy management for decision support
  • DBS-based content download and real-time access
  • LEOs-based redistribution

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