Campbell & Co. is the largest marketing and communications firm in Michigan, and among the largest independent firms in the U.S., with more than 150 professionals in the Dearborn office, and an affiliate office in Los Angeles.
Chimatrix provides the pharmaceutical industry with next generation "real-time" digital data capture solutions for accurate and efficient clinical trials.
e-biz Technologies is a professional services firm that provides solutions for the workplace. We specialize in helping companies across a variety of industries, by integrating people, processes and technology to maximize effectiveness. Service offerings span across many different industries, including finance and banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and utilities.
edCetra Training is a learning service provider dedicated to expert solutions built upon a strong commitment to service quality. The people at edCetra Training are all seasoned professionals who came together knowing that they could offer the industry value in creativity and innovation. edCetra Training specializes in all phases of e-learning implementation, targeted content structures and delivery templates, XML based authoring environment, SCORM v1.2, SCORM 2004 compliant solutions and integration into all major Learning Management and Learning Content Management Systems.
Firstech Coporation developed the the premier IBM AS/400 date simulation tool, SIMDATE, which allows use different system dates for different jobs without ever changing the actual system date. This allows to safely and easily test how programs will perform on a wide variety of dates. SIMDATE facilitates comprehensive systems testing.
IBM inViVo Vision, Inc. is an IBM Tier Two Business Partner.
Interlink Media is a full service marketing and public relations firm offering hands on expertise to generate media attention, enhance your image and build your business. Services includes Public Relations, Fundraising, Event Planning, Niche Advertising and Association Management.
LeoTerra is to making a positive impact in sustainable global development by making it easier to communicate, share ideas, and engage in commerce independent of geographic location and connecting businesses, governments and consumers while giving content owners global reach, wirelessly, securely and affordably through a global mesh broadband network that creates a planetary wireless hotspot.
Medical Research Network a private clinical trials facility which offers treatment and research programs free of charge to those suffering from psychiatric, chronic pain, or neurological disorders.
Triveni Digital (formerly LG Electronics Research Center of America) develops and deploys open systems products for data broadcasting and data-enhanced digital television and they have significant technology in ATSC DASE, JavaTV and ATVEF interactive TV environments.
VeriSolv Technologies is an SBA-certified 8(a) provider of IT and management solutions with focus on solving business problems, not just technological challenges. In addition VeriSolv specializes in translating or developing content to reach the Hispanic community to help bridge the gap of communicating to the marketplace through the use of technology.
VizorNet develops, markets and supports a new generation of high performance information-centric security products for customers who need to protect their sensitive information by enforcing the need to know throughout the enterprise while empowering their groups to share, collaborate and work securely across operating domains.
VSE Corporation a prime government contractor whose principal clients are agencies of the Federal Government, particularly the Department of Defense.