INTEGRATED COLLABORATION Application Building Platform for e-learning, training, and coaching across the Internet and just-in-time mentoring applicable to financial management, professional services, human resources, healthcare and other interactive media-intensive application areas.   INTERACTIVE MEDIA BROADCAST Solution for data and rich media with associated links across broadcast-only digital satellite (DBS) using digital set-top boxes and TVs or PC receivers for remote or hard to reach locations.
SELF-PERPETUATED MEDIA WAREHOUSE Platforms for next-generation digital libraries with integrated content and knowledge management and data-mining capabilities for knowledge discovery.  

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Tailoring of Solutions for next-generation knowledge-based systems.

SELF-REGULATED e-POLICY Platform to support policy representation, integration and decision support for building policy management systems for e-commerce, international business, education, security and other policy intensive applications.

  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Specialized Services including invention evaluation, patent writing, joint filing and product development for science and technology applications.

KnowledgeStation (TM):
Interactive Knowledge Discovery Application Center.

+ solution available for licensing

Interactive Media Broadcast for Global e-Learning, Broadcast Data Streams of Focused Content.

+ solution available for licensing

Advanced Collaboration Platform Designed for Online Mentoring and Coaching.